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            CSG Optimizes Electric Power for Businesses in South China

            信息來源:公司網站  發布時間2019-11-04

            Guangzhou - According to World Bank’s Doing Business 2020 study released on October 24, China has moved from 46th place to 31st on the ease of doing business rankings with a score of 77.9, up by 4.26 points from Year 2018.

            China joined the ranks of the world’s Top 10 Most Improved Economies for ease of doing business for the second consecutive year.

            In addition, China is now 12th in the indicator of “ease of getting electricity” (the second best out of the 10 indicators) with a score of 95.4, an increase of 3.4 points and two spots over Year 2018.

            China has made noteworthy progress in generating electricity and is leading the world in streamlining procedures of obtaining a connection. Compared with three steps and 34 days last year, now it takes only two steps and 32 days for SMEs in China to obtain a connection, half the average of 4.2 procedures and 63.2 days in East Asia and the Pacific.

            CSG has carried out a series of targeted measures to reduce the application procedures for power connection, working to reduced expenses and time as well as greatly improved efficiency.

            For example, high-voltage electricity connection application procedures were trimmed to three steps while the process of low-voltage connection was streamlined down to two.

            By implementing the power connection order ownership, CSG has strengthened coordination among different professional departments in the company as well as the communication between CSG and local governments. As a result, power connection time for SMEs and that for customers of single high-voltage supplies, in the first nine months of Year 2019, has seen a drop of 46% and 51% respectively compared with those at the end of Year 2018.

            CSG has further extended the investment interface of power expansion projects to “customer red line” (the boundary of the land property where customers live or operate). Free electricity connections will be accessed by SMEs in urban areas of all prefecture-level cities CSG serves as well as general industrial and commercial businesses in the Henqin Free Trade Zone and Nansha Free Trade Zone.

            CSG senior managers have also launched a “one-hour power outage action plan” in which the Company is pursuing better power supply reliability and power quality management through distribution network construction and transformation.

            A quick power recovery mode was introduced to reduce the interruption time incurred by the power outage. From January to September, the interruption duration averaged 7.08 hours, down by 22.1% year-on-year, while the average interruption duration in the core districts was 0.37 hour/household, down by 36.5% year-on-year.

            Concurrently, CSG endeavors to innovate customer service channels. Guided by its “Internet plus power service” strategy, the Company is making a major effort to develop a unified online service platform so that both enterprises and individuals can quickly access electricity services.